Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ageing Gracefully !

Hello crafty friends..
Welcome today to my page. I have a REAL project to share today.
If you are thinking I am going to share some beauty tips, lol...No way!
As I told you in my previous post about being a member of the Deco Art Blogger Outreach program and receiving those dream goodies and actually using them on my old furniture’s at home...ITS A DREAM COME TRUE!
Yes, I finally laid my hands on my Kitchen buddy for 10 years which I thought should get a makeover.
This is how the old one looked...
And hers’ how she has aged gracefully, lol! Perfect isn’t it???
Just a few steps and you can get this look.
Step1- I removed all the hardware from the set and voila ready to give the first coat of paint. Yes, its that easy. No priming or sanding...just a clean surface and you are ready to go.
 I used different colors of Chalky finish paints for the trio. Before the first coat, I just rubbed some candle wax on the areas I wanted some distressing and then gave the first coat. Once dry, the second coat. For impatient soul like me, this actually dries VERY fast!
Step2- I love this..DISTRESSING! I had a blast working my Ideology sanding block and scraping paints off from areas. You can actually get carried away to how much you want to distress.
 But I told you I love some extra scrubbing to reveal the wood beneath and this is so easy bcos of the wax.
Step3- A coat of the clear wax. I gave a generous coat of the clear creamy wax and yes, waited patiently for it to dry. No risk here. Once dry I dint think twice to coat it with the dark wax. 
I love weathered and aged stuff and its just magic how instantly on applying this it just changes color! But, you need to apply and wipe off the dark wax before it dries. It’s amazing how it just settles down in the grains of the wood and lends that beauty to the ageing process!

Step4- I was not keeping them plain. I decided to do some decoupage on this with some vintage flower napkins. I tore out portions of flowers and adhered them with the matt gel medium and one dry have a generous coat of the ultra matt varnish too. For the tray, I did some stamping of butterflies and script..its a habit now, lol!
 But I liked the final look! Time to fix the hardware’s back.
That’s how EASY it is!
What was 10 years old has aged beyond so gracefully and beautifully! I hope I made the trio happy. But, I am happy how it looks in my kitchen now. PERFECT...all set to be noticed and complimented.
I already have my eyes and hands set on the next piece of furniture !
Waiting for your comments too.
Deco arts products used..
Americana Decor Chalky Finish- Timeless, Vintage, refreshing, lace (love the names)
Americana decor cream wax- clear and dark brown
Deco Art media matt medium
Americana Decor Ultra matte varnish
Have a great day.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy Crafting and recycling.



  1. What a transformation Rupa !! great products used beautifully !! what is that tube in your second step pic !!

  2. This is amazing work...loved it.

  3. Amazing transformation So cute and fresh. Well done

  4. Utterly stunning work Rupa! I loved the before picture (I adore wood, especially that colour), but the shabbiness of the finished set is sooooooo lovely! Beautiful! x

  5. Absolutely beautiful. What a transformation, this would cost a lot of money to buy in one of the trendy type shops.
    Yvonne xx

  6. What a gorgeous shabby chic makeover, Rupa - Yvonne's right, this would sell for lots of money in a boutique - great upcycling!
    Alison xx

  7. absolutely stunning and sweet wauee

  8. I love the three containers transformation!! You did a great job. The color combination and aging are all wonderfully done....not too much, not too little, just perfect :)