Friday, 6 November 2015


Hello crafty friends..
Welcome to my page today. My adventures and discoveries with furniture makeover is on an a high and this time Ihad this Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome lurking in my studio and very adamant about having a cosmetic surgery, lol!
I had something in mind, and considering the size I was just hoping this should come out well...this furniture is about 18yrs old and I was just bored with its plain look.
I wanted an ornate, vintage and distressed look and did quite a bit of research on google for the look I wanted but finally settled down with a two tone coloring pattern. My husband was skeptical but I was hell bent on making Mr. Handsome really BEAUTIFUL now!

Here is the process...
Step1- The furniture was too plain and I decided to give some texture by pasting some dry wall tape all around the door frame. For the ornate look, I made a few molded roses using a silicon mold and plaster of paris. I stuck them on the door frame and once dry, proceeded to paint.
Step2- The deco art chalky finish paints are a boon for such projects and I had just the colors for this one. Once the hardware was removed, I gave 2 coats of timeless and vintage. This time used just the sand paper for distressing and did it quite a bit cos I wanted it really worn out. For the knob I used one step crackle and colored the cracks with burn umber fluid acrylics.
Step3- A coat of light wax and then the dark. I wanted a pretty aged look, and in spots I gave a liberal coat of this. I love how the textures and the flowers took to the dark wax giving it so much age and character!
Step4- A good coat of varnish, waited for it to dry and then another coat of varnish and my Ms. Beautiful was ready! I quite like the ornate look of the pop roses and how delicate it made the whole thing look!
Step5-With my increased passion for crafting and the amount of time devoted to those...other things take a back seat. Not that I regret that...I found the perfect poster for the base door keeping this in mind! Here it!
I JUST LOVE IT! Are you ready to pretend????
Step6—I wanted to embellish further and once the hardware was fixed, I hung this pretty wicker heart on the handle! 
And when I zoom up, there is this pretty arrangement on the top! Any guesses on the red checkered basket???
A recycled broken hose pipe and some fabric and voila..a lovely basket is ready...compliments the cabinet so well.
Here’s a look with the crockery inside...I could just keep looking at this all day and pretend I was cooking, lol!
Now it sits pretty in my dining room, waiting for guests to when are you coming home??? Let’s pretend....
Thank you so much for stopping by today. I would love to hear what you have to say about this project.
Deco art products used..
Americana decor chalky finish paints- Timeless and Refreshing
Americana Decor creme wax light and dark
Americana Decor one step crackle
Americana Decor Ultra matte varnish
Media art fluid acrylics burnt umber
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.


  1. Really it is so the red basket...pls do post the close up snaps of it...

  2. Wow I sure did miss your gorgeous work while I was away Rupa! This is just stunning! I love the soft muted tones and the shimmer really adds a wonderful shabby element! NICE!

    Hugs :)
    My Little Craft Things

  3. Hats off to you Rupa for pulling off such a mammoth project!!

  4. very pretty ,love the transformation Rupa !! the poster idea is awesome and also the basket !!

  5. I have been looking forward to seeing this transformation Rupa and wow what a transformation, I love it. Bet you can't wait to have friends round for dinner now !
    Julie x

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! Lovely write up...must say...was laughing at every part of ur cooking comments...Dear...U are one ultimate transformer now...Short of words now to describe the beauty and the task, patience, perseverance went into it...Am coming!!!

  7. I am sure this will be complimented many times when folk see it. Its a stunning makeover.
    Yvonne xx