Monday, 28 July 2014

"Getting to Know me"..Blog Hop

Hello Crafters…
Today is a very different post me…it’s the new topic “Getting to know me” that’s abuzz in blogosphere these days!
Every post of mine has a small bit of information about me and in this one you will find a  whole lot of me(hope not to bore you) and my work info.
I am less than a year old in blog land and am so happy to have made friends with some talented co crafters and getting inspired by their works and learning so much from different blogs. I have been tagged by Jasleen of "Happily ever crafter" who makes the most stylish CAS cards that I know! I am really challenged at making cards and always at an awe at people who can make them and especially CAS…Jasleen dear, you rock here and am so glad to have found you! You have to visit her blog to see her cards to believe me!
At the end of this post, I would be introducing you two more fellow crafters who are talented in their own style and have always liked what they make!
Are you ready to hear about me????
I never realized the creative streak in me until I got married and had to set up my own house! I loved the idea of home and interior decoration and would love it when we shifted house every 2 years! I was never a crafter until I accidentally

bought my big shot about 1.5 years back!!
 Yes, I am an Artist and have been dabbling with paints and other mediums for the last 12years.

I have been taking art classes from home for the last 10 years and have my Face Book page, TOFA where
you can see more of my works. I have a lovely studio attached to my home, from where I work.

 I have named my brand as “ TOFA” which in Urdu means “Gift” and also if you break up the alphabets you get “ TOgether For Arts”…
My love affair with craft and blogging is just a year old, and am loving it here. In a short span, I have been able to see and get inspired from world all over the world and each and every comments from you all lifts my spirits and re assures me that I am in the right place.
I love anything complicated! I am a little scared of CAS and love to sit on my project for hours and love embellishing then with all my hand made elements. Crafting or any kind of art is a stress buster for me and in that world…I get a very different level of happiness and satisfaction. It is very soul satisfying! I have been bitten by re- cycling bug for sometime now and am always on the lookout for some “Trash” at home, which can be given a make over!

Yes, my studio has a store room where I have accumulated all things “unused”…and for every project, I dish out thins from there! I have some wonderful friends who collect tissue rolls, Cd’s, boxes, bottle, duct tape rolls and more…on a monthly basis and drop it home!
Most of my projects are 3D and invariably have an up cycled item…I don’t feel my project is complete without that!

Like I said, I love sitting on a project for hours…sometimes even a couple of days!

 A lot of creative visuals happen in my sleep!!! Yes, I get some amazing and clear pictures of the end product in my sleep and that is one reason I love my night sleep! I love escaping to this creative haven…
I play around embellishments the longest.

 I love to make my own flowers, trinkets , resin charms and other little things required for the project. I make a box full of flowers and it comes or 5-6 projects. If you see my style, it is loaded with embellishments!
 Yes, another re cycled project! Something really" HOT"!!! Maybe you will see it happening next month..I can't reveal much cos I have not slept enough to get the visuals on this..LOL!!!

I would really like to thank you all for stopping by and taking time to leave your comments. Hugs and Cheers to all of who have joined my site ..hope not to disappoint you!

Lastly, would like to tag my fellow crafters who have their own unique style of crafting…
DAKSHA… I have not met her but as I said earlier, cards are nit my forte and I have a special liking for people who make them. Daksha makes some amazing cards and why I loove them is they are as complicated as my projects! She also has a lot of work on it and most of them are interactive with a lot of techniques and coloring. Have a look…
ANUJA…this lady is multi talented…she crafts, bakes, quills, conducts workshops, does origami, makes jewellery, Phew!!!.. and more1 I have met her in person and found her to be so humble and  un assuming! She has all the craft supplies in this world and keeps acquiring a new “Toy” every now and then …so jealous of you, Anuja.
With that, I would like to sign off with my own favorite quote “ Scraps are precious, Don’t throw them ! “
To me recycling is like helping some one in distress, it is very satisfying! You have to experience it!
Take care buddies…
Lotsa Love,


  1. மிகவும் பெருமை படுகிறேன் மேலும் மேலும் வளர ஆண்டவன் அருள் கிடைக்கட்டும்

  2. Loved reading about you inspite of knowing you!!!!! A big fan of your mind blogging recycling ideas.

  3. Yes your are right there is lot of you in this post :D !! Loved reading it in details Rupa ! Your painting are so beautiful and do I need to say your trash to treasure projects are very inspiring ?

  4. Lovely post Rupa!!!! loved to read about you. Your recycled projects inspire me a lot!!!!

  5. It was great knowing you better. And your paintings are beautiful too. Your blog is a wonderful 'TOFA' for so many of us. Thanks for your kind words about me.

  6. Wow! great to know you are an artist! Your are paintings are so beautiful Rupa. It was great to know about you and your style of crafting!

  7. It was wonderful to read about you Rupa--I so admire someone who can play with paint!! And we have so much in common-- we both love 3 d projects and recycling...only the sleep bit is unique to you---I operate and go through surgical steps in my dreams--crafting has still not managed to sooth my sleep!!
    Ha Ha I loved how you said Anuja has all the craft supplies in the world!!...Maybe we should all go raid her craft room one day!

  8. Rupa, so wonderful to read about you. you are a true artist and I love all the details you add to your projects. Love the recycler in you buddy and btw I recently started dreaming of colors....a virtual kaleidoscope whenever I sleep :)

  9. Wow Rupa, a super talented lady, I envy people who can draw and paint. My painting when I try takes on a unique look of a 3 year olds style lol, whereas yours looks so beautiful and elegant. Crafty dreams I can certainly relate to that one. Nice to know a little more about my creative friend in blog land.
    Julie x

  10. great getting to know abt u. And i really envy ppl who can draw. love all ur recycled works

  11. Ur paintings r stunning. Am so glad u shared more about yourself and your work - I thoroughly enjoyed reading and knowing you a little bit more :)

  12. Lovely post Rupa..loved reading about you your paintings and recycle projects :)

  13. It's lovely to know all these things about you, I can read between the lines all the enthusiam you put on crafting! And you love upcycling, such a nice discovery!

  14. It's wonderful to read about you and since I've been to your studio I got see all your lovely creations.....Thanks rupa for your generous comment about me.....I love acquiring new toys and sonia I will share my toy with you come home sometime....