Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tea and biscuits, card!

There is a sweet little challenge going on at BGC and though it is not my comfort zone to make cards, I just couldn’t resist this one!

As I was relishing my evening cuppa tea….I always have mine with a few biscuits! Am sure there are lot of you out there who love to dip their biscuits into steaming hot tea and then take a bite…PRICELESS!

I cannot trade anything in this world for that single cuppa and biscuit….well that’s my inspiration for this card!

Just like me and my cuppa are inseparable, I think a cup of Tea and biscuits are “FRIENDS FOREVER”…what say?

That’s what the card says so to…

Have a look and enjoy your cuppa next time, bite by bite!

This card is dedicated to all you(like me) who can’t miss your evening cuppa for ANYTHING!


Thanks so much for stopping by, would love to know your feedback on this. Cards are just not my cup of tea!

Until then,

Happy Crafting and Re cycling.



  1. Rupa you should make cards more often...you have rocked this one.Love the heart biscuits and the embossed ones!!

  2. Yes Dr.Sonia is correct (as always: D ) I would love to see more cards made by you .loved sweet friends forever..I guessed u must be south Indian coffee lover but guess you r a chai lover: D .I liked layering on your card n biscuits look tempting..

  3. aweee ! thats beautiful !!!!
    I love my tea and this is a lovely tribute :)
    thanks for playing with us this fortnight @BGC

  4. So different and smartly executed...love it! Thanks for playing with us @ BGC.

  5. So adorable!! Love this card.. those heart cookies are the cutest! Thanks for joining us at BGC!